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Hello! We’re Doug & Dana - behind the camera at Will & Co

We are creatives living in the heart of Adelaide.

Apart from finding a love with each other, we found a mutual love for photography.

This isn’t just a business for us, it’s our lifestyle.

We’ve been married for 8 years and our own photography experience is where our fierce passion for serving others comes from. We want you to have the photographs you’ve always dreamed of and an experience that you’ll love.

Design creates culture,
culture shapes values,
values determine the future.

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Hi, I’m Dana

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved taking photographs. My first camera was an instant camera, called a ‘Joy Cam’ by Polaroid, and taking photos was just that - a joy! From photography class at school, to work experience in a local photography studio, to having backyard photoshoots with friends with a dodgy digital camera - photography has always been a huge part of who I am. Capturing others brings me so much joy. Being able to show people how I see them - how beautiful they are - and have them see that in themselves, has been amazing. How is this my job? What a dream.

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Hi, I’m Doug

A camera gifted by my mother-in-law for our honeymoon in New Zealand was the start of something incredible. I came to love taking landscape photos and, unsure what career path to take, I chose to study photography with some strong encouragement from Dana. I first worked under another photographer then once Dana came on board, we branched out on our own. I love the technical side of photography and video and the chance to quietly capture all of the special moments taking place in front of the camera.

Wedding couple

Hi, I’m Beth

I bought my first camera in high school and began spending my spare time learning to shoot portraits with my friends. Film photography is now my favourite way to capture everyday life. I never desired to pursue photography full-time but love all the opportunities and adventures it has brought. For me the planning and behind the scenes is just as fun as the shoot; I’m a perfectionist who thrives on being organised. Working with Dana provides ample opportunity to indulge in these perfectionistic tendencies. It brings me great joy to help in the background and be a part of the beauty that we capture.

Wedding couple

Hi I’m Olive, and I’m 5.

Mum loves to take photos of me when I’m asleep, which I find super annoying. I’m often the centre of attention and am not camera shy at all! I really love long walks on the beach, snacks, naps, meeting new friends and playing with other dogs. At the moment I’m learning how to swim!

The way that we work

We understand how personal photography is. This is why we work collaboratively with all our clients, with a heartfelt approach and a genuine feeling of warmth. We’ll take the time to get to know you and help you prepare for your session- any questions, just ask! We’re incredibly organised for all of our sessions and we have a focus on it being the best experience for you.

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Being environmentally friendly is of huge importance to us! To minimise our environmental impact, we send all your printed photos in sustainable, Australian-made recycled packing that supports other small businesses in Australia. By working with us you are supporting us in the fight against homelessness as we donate a percentage of our profits to Mission Australia.


Claire and Josh McLaren Vale Wedding - Coriole - Will & Co

Dana and Doug managed to capture the immense joy of our wedding day so effortlessly. At no point did we feel staged or awkward or like we were missing out on what else was going on…in fact, the photos were one of our favourite bits as it was just us, in our love bubble, with two awesome people to capture it all.

Claire + Josh

White Amber Label- Adelaide Plus Size Model - Permanent Weekend - Will & Co.jpg

I have had the pleasure of using the photography services of Doug and Dana for my clothing label White Amber Label.

This lovely couple work as a very efficient and professional team to produce high quality results.

Their creative eye has captured the essence of my brand in the most beautiful backdrops.

Amber Demas

Alyssa and Graeme - Adelaide City Wedding - Adelaide Botanic Gardens - Will & Co

Oh. My. God. The images are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing our day better than anyone else! We were blessed with your presence on the day. I’m so glad the photos are better than we dreamed!

Alyssa + Graeme

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